Reef Factory Power Switcher

  The newly released Reef Factory Power Switcher is a small, intelligent aquarium socket to which you can connect any device. Thanks to the Power Switcher, you can now program each device in a cyclic switching on and off mode. The Power Switcher also allows you turn the device on or off remotely directly from the SmartReef free downloadable app. Programming, delaying and remote management of connected devices The smart socket will allow you to manage lamps, pumps and any other electrical devices. The Power Switcher also has a restart delay function, which can be useful when working with a connected skimmer for example. In the event of a power failure the delay function will turn the device back on but with a pre-set delay, preventing the

A New Checker From Hanna Instruments to be Announced at RAP Orlando

Hanna Instruments is about to release a new Checker, AKA colorimeter water testing device. They are being pretty tight lipped about this and we can only hope that it is something that will make reefing just a little easier. If you are attending Reef-A-Palooza Orlando then be sure to stop by the Hanna Instruments booth number 706 to get a first look at the newest addition to their marine line of checkers. What could it be? Any guesses?  
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