Results or Convenience – Which Matters Most When Feeding?

I would always like to think the aquarium owners are the ideal feeders and give every organism the proper nutrition. Chances are though that you, like everybody else, have forgotten to feed your fish for a few days. We are human and feeding a sun coral multiple times a day is not something every aquarium owner wants to do. It is a hassle for some people to feed there corals once a week!… SO… Well when I discovered I had a dying anemone I knew that I would have to feed it every day. For about a month I followed through with this but then eventually it becomes annoying to go through the process of pulling the food out, preparing it, feeding it, and cleaning up. So I started doing once every other day, and that turned into once every three days. My point is that I started feeding for the results but over time what mattered to me was the convenience

Coral Frenzy to be Offered in Pellet Form

Here’s a brand new food for coral lovers. Coral Frenzy, the very popular powdered coral food, will soon be available in pellet form. The pellet will have roughly a 1mm length and will be negatively buoyant to sink for to all of your hungry LPS corals and the fish or inverts lucky enough to steal themselves a bite. The food will be available soon (free samples have already been circulating) and it will come in packages of 76 grams. For nutritional information, see below. We first encountered the Coral Frenzy brand many years ago at one of the trade shows. The powdered food was often given away in the bags of the various shows, and we’ve been using it off and on ever since. We always get a good response from the corals and inverts, in particular our hungry hungry starfish. We are quite happy to see the food being offered in a pellet format, as we have grown quite fond of that type of food as well. The official word from Coral Frenzy: PARTICLE SIZE: 1mm Pellet

New Life Spectrum AlgaeMAX and Algae/Gel…Worth the Wait

By: Steve Vavrek The team down at New Life International has yet again come up with another great product. This time, the Herbivores get a turn. Introducing New Life Spectrum AlgaeMAX and Algae/Gel. AlgaeMAX and Algae/Gel use a wide range of aquatic vegetation, including Chlorella Algae, Spirulina, Ulva and Wakame Seaweed and more – 9 total varieties! Most herbivore diets just use a single source of seaweed, like kelp. The problem with that? No one ingredient alone has all the nutrition needed for healthy herbivores. Your aquarium needs veggies in a variety of colors and sources that mimics the plant diversity in their natural diets. In fact, too much kelp can cause digestive problems for fish.

Sicce Shows Off Their HyperKoral and Calanus Feeding System

Back in May, the American arm of the Italian aquarium product company, Sicce, announced a new reef feeding program. The lineup consists of just two products, called Sicce HyperKoral and Sicce Calanus, but they promised to be a complete dosing system to meet all of your corals’ needs. When dosed hand in hand with each other, they target LPS, SPS, soft corals, and other filter feeders. While at MACNA, we got to see these two coral foods in the flesh, while also getting a full rundown of what they bring to the proverbial dinner table. Below is a summation of what each product accomplishes. HyperKoral is a product that delivers purified L-amino acids, vitamins, and carbohydrates to your corals in a liquid substrate. These components are said to be in concentrations that mimic what is found on wild coral reefs, and because of their chemical makeup, they are not removed via protein skimming

Seachem Shows Us Their Newest Additions to the NutriDiet Flake Food Line

Back in February, Seachem debuted a brand new line of NutriDiet flake food, and eventually expanded that initial offering a few months later to include a much more tailored variety. Instead of just one marine flake, for example, the NutriDiet flakes grew to three. The expanded lineup included a general marine flake (MarinePlus), a shrimp formula (Shrimp Flakes), and an algae flake (Chlorella Flakes) for fish requiring a heavy diet of algae. We got a real good look at these new foods at MACNA this year, and from what we can tell, they will definitely be a welcomed site. The foods each consist of really nice mixture of large and small flakes, making them an ideal choice for feeding every fish in the aquarium. The NutriDiet flakes are being offered in two sizes, 15 and 30g containers. Additionally, Seachem claims that they supply a nutritionally balanced diet formula that will meet all of the needs of your fish