The Striped Blenny, A New Captive Bred Fish from Sea & Reef

Description The Striped Blenny (Meiacanthus grammistes) has alternating black and white striped that run the entire length of of the fish. A bright yellow coloration starts at the head and continues about half the length of the fish before it change to white about where the anal fin begins. The Striped Blenny is an active fish that can be seen swimming out in the open in search for prey. Temperament & Captive Care The Striped Blenny is a peaceful fish, but will defend itself if threatened. Like other blennies in the Meiacanthus family the Striped Blenny has venomous fangs and is sometimes referred to as the fang fang blenny. While the venom is typically not dangerous to humans hand feeding and handling without gloves is not recommended

Featured Coral – Bizarro cyphastrea

The Bizarro Cyphastrea is arguably the most sought after of all varieties of cyphastrea available in the hobby today.  In perfect coloration this coral displays a beautiful deep purple base, with the polyps showcasing a beautiful contrasting yellow with red mouths. Other common forms of cyphastrea are typically two toned like the Meteor shower ( Orange and Blue) and the Jingle bells (Green and Red).The Bizarro, in its beautiful array of colors seems to be on top of the cyphastrea world, for now. The Cyphastrea is an encrusting coral which uniquely grows even when given little or no direct lighting. While parts of the coral hidden from your light may be colorless, it will continue to grow no matter what, or where. It has become somewhat

Walt Disney Acropora (2019)

         Since its introduction to the reef aquarium hobby, the Walt Disney acropora has become a household name and a must-have piece for acropora collectors. The semi-recent surge of multi-colored rainbow tenuis that seems to have started with the Walt Disney, has captivated a large portion of aquarists to keeping this specific species of coral, despite its challenges. The Walt Disney, in perfect coloration, flaunts a beautiful green base, pink radial corallites, bright yellow polyps with a deep blue axial corallite. When acclimated to much higher light (>800 par), the coral becomes primarily pink in color and becomes almost unrecognizable to one kept in a normal environment. Having owned this coral for 2 years, I have found it best to maintain parameters as follows: Calcium: 450ppm

Two New Designer Clownfish Released From Sea and Reef

Gold Dot and Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish from Sea & Reef The Gold Dot Maroon Clownfish (left) and the Gold Nugget Clownfish (right) Sea and Reef is at it again with more designer clownfish releases. About two weeks ago they announced the Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish and last week they announced the Gold Dot Maroon clownfish. Gold Nugget Clownfish The Gold Nugget Maroon Clownfish is a variation of the Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish. Instead of the 3 distinct golden bands or strips that run vertically, the Gold Nugget Maroon exhibits a solid golden coloration covering most of the fish’s body. The face and fins are a deep maroon color with various spots and markings displayed on the maroon’s face. The golden color penetrates the base of each fin

Rock Flower Anemones!

Rock Flower Anemones have become widely popular in the reef aquarium hobby. They are available in a myriad of vibrant, contrasting color combinations. They are considered to be one of the easiest anemone species to care for in the home aquarium, making them a great choice for beginner or advanced aquarists. They only reach about 4″ in size so they are even ideal for aquariums as small as 5 gallons. Prices typically range from $35.00 to $100.00 but I’ve seen one seller try and fetch $1800.00 for an extraordinarily beautiful specimen at one of the trade shows we attended. Sometimes referred to as a Rock Flower Anemone (RFA) or Red Bearded Anemone, there are actually 11 distinct species of Rock Flower Anemones which include: Phymanthus crucifer (Red Beaded Anemone)
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