Reef Octopus Releases VarioS 0-10V Advanced Pump Control Video

Carlos and the guys from CoralVue have posted a new video on You Tube showing you how the new VarioS pump controller interfaces with the Neptune Apex platform. Carlos In the video Carlos focuses on showing you how to connect your VarioS pump to a 3rd party controller by using the available 0-10 volt port located on the VarioS unit. This makes the Varios pump very versatile and almost universally compatible with most system controllers like the Neptune Systems’s Apex, GHL Profilux or Reef Angel aquarium controllers. The video very informative and rather lengthly so plan on blocking out a good 35+ minutes to watch it. [embedded content]

Thousands of Blacktip Sharks Seen Migrating off the Coast of Florida

[embedded content] PALM BEACH COUNTY — Incredible new video shows tens of thousands of sharks just off the Palm Beach County coastline. FAU biological sciences professor Dr. Stephen Kajiura who has been featured on “Shark Week” captured the video 500′ above the clear, blue Atlantic on Friday morning. Kajiura shot the video as part of his weekly aerial black tip shark migration surveys covering the coastline from Miami Beach north to the Jupiter Inlet. “It’s so cool,” he told CBS12. “There are literally tens of thousands of sharks a stone’s throw away from our shoreline. You could throw a pebble and literally strike a shark. They are that close.” Kajiura noted that he saw very few sharks south of Boynton Beach and in Miami-

The ACE 170 AIMBioSys System From Cayuga Aquatics

Aquarium maintenance companies are often asked to set up up a fully functional reef aquarium as quickly as possible. You know, just like they do on those reality TV shows. Well, entertaining TV aside, that’s not how it works in the real world of reefkeeping is it? A successful start to a reef aquarium requires establishing the necessary bacterial colonies to manage nutrient loads and avoid toxic accumulations of nitrogenous waste. Nevertheless the speedy set up of a life-sustaining reef aquarium is an appealing concept if it can be done in the interest of the inhabitants. And we’re not talking here about cycling a new system with stressed out damselfish.   New on the reefkeeping scene is a system aimed at the professional aquarium maintenance

Vertex Aquaristik I-Supra C+ Trailer

The Vertex Aquaristik I-Supra C+ filter video trailer.  There are two models to choose from.  One option includes the popular Vertex Omega 180i while the other model includes the Omega 200i protein skimmer.  Both options have an optional upgrade for the Vertex Rx-Z 2.0 Zeovit media reactor.  The MSRP is $2349.99 and  $2499.99 respectively.  As you can see from the trailer, a bevy of features are included within the Supra which we will cover in a separate article in the coming days. [embedded content]