Aquatic Technology Aquacultured Harlequin Shrimp (Hymenocera elegans)

Aquatic Technology of Ohio and the Columbus Zoo started the journey of culturing Hymenocera elegans back in May of 2015. The Columbus zoo had early success on a small scale and succeeded in raising 50 plus individuals from 2 batches to settlement.  As with many aquaculture ventures, they had to overcome obstacles like larval feed types, cannibalism and pests.  By December of 2016, Aquatic Technology succeeded in getting a substantial number of larvae to settlement.  At one point, prior to settlement, larvae were consuming nearly 50,000 parvocalanus copepods daily.  After they settled the juveniles were switched to Asterinas and then to Chocolate Chip Stars. Aquatic Technology is currently working on getting them on an alternative proprietary food.  This has been a triumphant success not only for the Columbus Zoo and Aquatic Technology