All-in-One Wonderbacteria: PNS Probio

I’m going to make a bold statement. In my personal opinion, bacteria are one of the most important things in our aquariums. Bacteria?? Ok, hear me out. For starters, in order to have fish in our own personal slice of ocean, we need strains of bacteria and for...

Beginner’s Guide to Cycling an Aquarium

Aquarium cycling (NOT the bicycle sport) is a term unknown to most outside of the aquatic world. But contrary to its lack of popularity, cycling a fish tank is arguably the heaviest factor every fish owner, beginner to expert has to master to have their fishes survive longer than a week. What Exactly Is Cycling Your Fish Tank? To cycle your fish tank is to remove all the toxic chemicals from your aquarium’s ecosystem by creating a healthy amount of beneficial bacteria as part of the tank’s biological filter. This is very important because all newly set-up fish tanks have dangerously high amounts of toxins, namely ammonia. Which without cycling, will cause major stress and illness to your fishes leading to them potentially dying within a

Fritz Aquatics’ TurboStart 900 Testimonial

Many people have asked me what I used to instant cycle my new build. There are definitely many bacteria out in the market but after much research and speaking to Shawn Hale at Fritz Aquatics, Lance Ichinotsubo of Elite Marinelife by Captive Seas and Chris Meckley of ACI Aquaculture, I was sure that Turbostart 900 would be the way to go and I am glad that I did. Formulated specially for saltwater, this strain of bacteria is one of a kind denitrifying bacteria bacteria that simply works. Here in this video, Chris Meckley of ACI tells us how he uses them exclusively for his fish holding systems (2000 gallons each) when he bleaches them twice a year for preventive measures for possible parasites without any loss of precious fish lives. Have confidence, follow directions and use the trusted product that's being used by the pros. Enjoy!
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