Captive-Bred Regal Angelfish!

This is certainly exciting news! As first reported by Matt Pedersen/CORAL Magazine, Wen-Ping Su’s marine ornamental fish farm, Bali Aquarich, has just announced a big leap in commercial-scale aquaculture with increased success in the breeding of this beautiful...

Video: Non-Destructive Collection Methods On Show In SAIA Piece

[embedded content] Launching a revamped website recently, the SAIA (Sustainable Aquatics Industry Association) were keen to share this interesting video with us. The insightful piece gives us an interesting look at how trained collectors North of Bali use non-destructive methods to harvest ornamental marines. It’s certainly not perfect but obviously a million times better than using Cyanide…. always ask where your local fish store gets it’s livestock from, and make sure it comes from a reputable source.