Royal Exclusiv Bubble King SuperMarin 200 Skimmer

Royal Exclusiv is considered by many aquarists to be best non-commercial protein skimmer manufacturer anywhere in the world.  Known for there durability, efficiency, elegance, and performance, Royal Exclusiv Bubble King protein skimmers are in a class by themselves. Personally, I’ve been using a Bubble King Mini 200 for over 11 years and I couldn’t be happier with it.  It’s been used on several different aquariums over the years including a 250 gallon mixed reef coral farm tank that it’s currently being used on. Not resting on their laurels, Royal Exclusiv continues to innovate and incorporate new technology into their designs, as seen in the 2018 SuperMarin. The Supermarin 200 is powered by the highly efficient Red Dragon Speedy 3 DC pump.  The pump maxes out at 50 watts and it produces up to

Update: Royal Exclusiv to Relocate and Expand its Production Facilities

Due to ever increasing demand for the Dreambox Filter System in North and South America and abroad, Royal Exclusiv will be relocating to an expanded production facility and reorganizing its production and distribution operations.  Presently, all Dreambox Filter Systems are custom made individually and entered chronologically into the production schedule at its facility in Cologne, Germany.  To meet the present and future demands for its products, Royal Exclusiv will be acquiring new production equipment and production/support staff to augment their existing manufacturing capabilities. “Such changes require major time and effort in planning, training and execution”, says Scott Leif, Director of Customer Support, Royal Exclusiv USA. To facilitate the downtime involved in moving their existing production equipment to the new facility, Royal Exclusiv has placed a

Royal Exclusiv to Cease Distribution of Dreambox Filter Systems in The Americas

Today we received an official announcement from Royal Exclusiv that it will stop distributing it’s popular Dreambox filter systems in North and South America.  All pending orders will be fulfilled and processed but as of April 1st no new orders will be accepted for customers living within the Americas. Below is a letter from Royal Exclusiv’s CEO, Klaus Jansen, announcing the decision.