Focus on Fish – Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish

A Butterflyfish in a reef tank? Surely you jest. You see them all the time in videos and photos of natural reefs but fish in this family are typically housed in fish only with live rock (FOWLR) tanks due to their propensity to nip at corals. However, there are a few exceptions, including the Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish. This fish feeds on zooplankton and is usually found feeding high in the water column above coral heads in its natural ecosystem, making it a “reef safe” edition to a tank housing SPS and LPS corals. Cool Pattern The pyramid of white on its body meshes beautifully with its yellow fins and black/brown head to give it a unique look. I have been a fan of these fish for

Juvenile Prognathodes aculeaths, Deep-Sea Butterflyfish

Good morning all, I have a super tiny, (about the size of a dime), deep-sea butterflyfish for you all today called a Prognathodes aculeaths. For years the Smithsonian and Substation Curacao have collected the adult sized butterflyfish from the deep using a submersible but this is the first baby or juvenile I had ever seen or photographed. From Wikipedia I found this little blurb; Longsnout butterflyfish are much more solitary than many other members of their family. They also inhabit deeper reefs and spend much of their time foraging in recesses for invertebrates. It is also known to eat the tube feet of sea urchins and tube worm tentacles