Captive-Bred Regal Angelfish!

This is certainly exciting news! As first reported by Matt Pedersen/CORAL Magazine, Wen-Ping Su’s marine ornamental fish farm, Bali Aquarich, has just announced a big leap in commercial-scale aquaculture with increased success in the breeding of this beautiful...

The Indigo Hybrid Dottyback from Sea & Reef

Sea & Reef is at it again with another new fish release. Usually we are sharing information about a new designer Clownfish but this time Sea & Reef brings us the beautiful Indigo Dottyback. The new fish hybrid has been named the Indigo Dottyback for indigo like coloration. The Indigo is the result of a cross between the Orchid Dottyback and the Striped Dottyback. The bluish-purple body coloration is very different than the coloration from both parent fish however the black body stripe was passed down from the Striped Dottyback with the stripe being less pronounced. Generally speaking, Pseudochromis are known to be somewhat aggressive towards some aquarium fish but that is not always true. As many experienced aquarists know, fish of the same species can

Meet the new Captive Bred Longfin Domino Clownfish, From Sea & Reef

Sea and Reef announces their 6th longfin designer clownfish called the Domino Longfin Clownfish. Keep reading below to learn more. Longfin Clownfish are not new to the hobby, but Sea & Reef’s new Longfin Clownfish have a much different look to them than other longfin clownfish. The Domino Longfin has elongated, flowing fins with a rounded translucent margins. This sets them apart from the typical longfin strain that display jagged, stiff fins with uneven margins. This new trait is due to different genetics of the breeding pairs. Name: Longfin Domino Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Maximum Size: 4” (10 cm) The mutation that created the origional longfin clownfish came from a single fish. In December 2013 Sea & Reef’s Hatchery Manager, Brandon Weik, was looking into a tank

Aquacultured Juvenile Koran Angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatus)

It’s nice to start off the new year with yet another aquacultured marine fish species:  juvenile Koran Angel (Pomacanthus semicirculatus). Read the official press release from Quality Marine. Quality Marine is excited to start the New Year by offering yet another new aquacultured species: juvenile Koran Angel (Pomacanthus semicirculatus). We are an ardent supporter of aquaculture and are continually searching for new producers both in the US and around the world. We believe aquaculture to be a key component in continuing to uphold our sustainable industry standard. Back in 2011, the University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Lab in collaboration with Rising Tide Conservation were the first in the world to successfully produce captive bred specimens of Pomacanthus semicirculatus and now this momentous achievement has been recreated in Indonesia