Angels in reef tanks? Yes – but be selective

So you’ve brought a bit of the reef into your home, and you want to add a flash of color. You’ve got your heart set on one of the most popular aquarium-dwellers, the angelfish, but you’ve heard that might not be a good idea. It’s true, most larger species of angelfish are not suitable for reef tanks, primarily because they have a propensity for chowing down on what makes a reef tank a reef tank. But one group seems perfectly fitted for the reef tank environment – the swallowtail or lyretail angelfish (Genicanthus). There are six species of Genicanthus that would be right at home in your reef tank: Bellus (credit: Aquafanatic) Bellus Angelfish (Genicanthus bellus) – Also known as the Ornate Angelfish. Tails narrow into

A Quick Review of the Xiphypops Dwarf Angelfishes

The smallest members of the angelfish family belong to a distinctive group named Xiphypops, which includes such common aquarium species as the Cherub, Flameback and Fisher’s Angelfishes. This group is noteworthy for its circumtropical distribution—these being the only...