Travel: Shedd Aquarium, Chicago IL

If you are in Chicago, Illinois you want to stop by the Shedd Aquarium.  It is a short walk along the “Magnificent Mile” on the edge of Lake Michigan. The Shedd Aquarium has one of the world’s largest indoor aquariums at ~ 5 million US...

CMAS Frag Swap 2015

My Facebook Page: In this CoralFish12g video I take a trip to the CMAS, Chicago Marine Aquarium Society Frag Swap. There were a lot of vendors and plenty of people to meet. Marc Levenson was the guest speaker and it was overall a very cool event.

Aquatic Experience 2014: The Interviews – Full Coverage Part 1

Aquatic Experience in Chicago was a blast this year, 2014! There were lots of exhibitors and many made either this or the second video, but these are all the interviews I did at the show. Doug Poindexter- World Pet Association Julian Sprung- Two Little Fishies Kessil Real Reef Solutions COLLAR Doctor Eco Systems Proaquatix PRODIBIO Blue Life I also talk a little about the Aquatic Experience banquet. This is full coverage elf the event by coralfish12g
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