Innovative Marine Adds Two Smaller Tanks to the Fusion Lineup

Innovative Marine is living up to their namesake this week with the announcement of the most well-equipped all-in-one nano aquariums on the market. They are bolstering their Nuvo Fusion lineup, going a little smaller to target those hobbyists who enjoy a beautiful yet insanely functional desktop sized aquarium. The new models will include the Fusion Nano 10 and 20, and despite their size, they will enjoy all of the same features of their larger brethren. That means a 10 and 20 gallon tank with low iron glass (an industry first as far as we know), mesh screen top to keep fish in, built-in overflows, a rubber leveling mat, and some impressive rear chamber filtration. And you know what the real shocker is…the tanks start at just $99. But the fun doesn’t stop there. As IM has done in the past with other aquariums, the lineup has been given access to some really awesome third-party upgrades.

Cobalt Aquatics Shows Off E-X-T Canister Filter

The E-X-T canister filter from Cobalt Aquatics isn’t exactly new to the aquarium scene, but it’s so unique that it is certainly worth a mention. While it does push water through a series of contained media packets, as with any other canister filter, it is different in that it uses an externally located inline pump. Instead of using a pump built into a big, gaudy canister body, the E-X-T uses a tiny little pump that is plumbed inline with the tubing. Locating the pump externally allows for two things, more room for media and the ability to remove/replace the pump without tearing into the equipment and breaking a bunch of stuff. And it doesn’t even matter where in the plumbing you place the pump. It can stay near the body of the filter, or you can move up near the top where water is sucked in. Either way works just as well. Like with most canister filters and media reactors, water is brought to the bottom of the chamber and allowed to flow upward through the media
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