CORAL Featured Video – Conch vs Hermit Crabs

25 Apr, 2013 [embedded content] Fascinating video of so-called Horse Conch, Triplofusus giganteus, besieged by hermit crabs. Not a true conch, this large snail is a carnivore and will consume other snails and cannibalize members of its own species. It is the largest gastropod in the tropical Western Atlantic, Florida, and the Caribbean. “The 11-pound horse conch might seem invincible against most threats. But the tables are turned a bit when hermit crabs stage an invasion of the dinner-snatchers.” Credit: NatGeoWild / YouTube

Beware the Whelk

As more newcomers enter the hobby, it seems that more livestock retailers enter the industry. Unfortunately, this means that some new businesses may be in it purely for the profit, and lack of knowledge or greed on their part may put your current livestock at...