Jebao Launches DC Powered Protein Skimmers

Jebao is making its first foray into the protein skimmer department with the release of their DC pump powered D700 Curve Skimmer. Based on the same controllable pump line we’ve seen over and over again from RLSS, Jebao isn’t doing anything groundbreaking with the new D700 and subsequent models, but they are bringing in a DC controllable skimmer at a sub-$300 price point. The D700 Curve is priced at $275, and is fitted with an under mount DC3000 pump and all of the usual bells and whistles we’ve come to expect on cone shaped skimmers. The pump is adjustable to six different speed settings, which can be controlled via the included controller or a properly equipped aquarium controller. Additionally, the DC3000 has a soft start function and a feeding timers that shuts it down when triggered. Reef Breeders, who are marketing the skimmer, state that the D700 is suitable for medium to well stocked tanks up to 200 gallons in total water volume. The skimmer has a base diameter of 8 3/4″ and a height of 21″ with the cup. While the D700 is immediately available, future models will also fill out the line

Vertex to Offer Omega Skimmers with Internal Pumps

Vertex is expanding on their popular Omega protein skimmer line once again, this time adding internal pumps to the mix. As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago,Vertex was already teasing an Omega 180 skimmer ahead of Interzoo, but little did we know that the line would also include the Omega 200, and both would feature internal pumps. The original Omega protein skimmer, the Omega 150, debuted in 2012 and featured a Sicce pump placed external to the skimmer’s wind glass shaped body, vibration reducing feet, an adjustable pump volute, and rock solid build. The skimmer seemed to be an instant hit, prompting the smaller Omega 130 to be released the following year. Continuing on with the success, two larger models were added, which also introduced new features…primarily a space saving design that placed the pump under the bubble plate. Stepping it up even further, the 200i also gets a pump upgrade, moving from the Sicce to an Askoll motor block. The move for the space saving design comes as no surprise. Sumps seems to never have enough real estate for big bodied protein skimmers, but large tanks still need the firepower to handle those large bio-loads.

Skimz Singapore to Debut Two New Monzter Mini DC Skimmers at Interzoo

We’ve got news of another product that will make its debut at the upcoming Interzoo. Skimz Singapore has announced that they will be displaying a pair of small DC powered protein skimmers under the Mini Monzter moniker. These two new skimmers feature the smallest DC pump on the market which is crammed into a tiny footprint, along with plenty of other features like bubble plates and gently transitioning cone shapes. Like most of the DC pumps currently out there, the Monzter Mini’s pump will have six preset speeds and a feed timer, allowing for precise control over water level and bubble content within the skimmer body. Despite their minuscule size, however, the Monzter Mini skimmers pack quite a punch. The smallest model, the Skimz SN123 Monzter Mini, has a tank rating of 500L (approximately 131 USgal) and the larger model, the SN143, can handle tanks up to 900L (approximately 237 USgal). Skimz SN123 Monzter Mini protein skimmer specs: Dimension: L163 x D187 x H490 (mm) Body Diameter: 120mm Pump: Skimz VSC1200 DC Air Intake: 120 – 360 L/h Total Watts: 6 – 12W For Aquarium: up to 500L Skimz SN143 Monzter Mini protein skimmer: Dimension: L188 x D196 x H490 (mm) Body Diameter: 140mm Pump: Skimz VSC2000 DC Air Intake: 240 – 660 L/h Total Watts: 9 – 18W For Aquarium: up to 900L Pricing and availability will most likely be announced at Interzoo.

Vertex to Debut Omega 180 Protein Skimmer at Interzoo

Interzoo is the largest international aquarium-based trade show on the planet, and it just so happens to be right around the corner. With the date quickly approaching, we’re starting to hear rumblings of new products that will be announced at the massive event, leading off with a new item from Vertex Aquaristik. In a move that shouldn’t even remotely come as a surprise, Vertex looks as though they will be announcing a larger model to their popular Omega protein skimmer line. While we don’t have any specifics about the products, as Vertex wouldn’t immediately address our questions, we do know that it will be the Omega 180 based on the engraving on what is very likely the skimmer’s lid. We assume the Omega 180 will utilize the same wine glass body, Sicce Syncra pump, bubble diffuser plate, vibration dampening pads, and other features found in the rest of the lineup, only beefed up to handle a heavier bioload. We did notice that large red fish, part of the Vertex branding, on the skimmer lid, which is absent in the original design of the Omega. Perhaps this is the only subtle change, but perhaps there is more. We’ll know more about the Omega 180 as the show draws closer.