Coral Probiotics

Back in 2021, researchers found that amoxicillin had a 95% success rate at healing lesions from stony coral tissue loss disease (SCTLD). Traditional antibiotic treatment could cause resistant pathogenic bacteria though, so scientists from the Smithsonian’s National...

Scientists discover stunning 310-mile coral reef corridor in Gulf of Mexico

Scientists have just discovered five new coral reefs that form a vast, 310-mile corridor in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists from the University of Veracruz and Mexico’s National Institute of Technology released their findings about the reefs – Corazones, Pantepec South, Piedras Altas, Los Gallos, and Camaronera – earlier this month. Leonardo Ortiz Lozano, a researcher with University of Veracruz, made the discovery along with his colleagues, Earther reported. Like many of the coral reef regions, the corridor provides a habitat for many species that fuels a diverse ecosystem. As you might expect, this recent discovery is currently unprotected but the scientists that discovered the corridor want to change that before it becomes threatened from oil and gas drilling. “We want the coral corridor to be officially

Coral Reefs Around The World Are In Grave Danger. Here’s What’s Happening

            One of the most wondrous living things on earth is coral. Humans view its diversity and hues as a gorgeous, underwater decoration. But, it is a living organism that supports the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of species in the underwater ecosystem. Man may appreciate its wonder, but our destructive tendencies are harming this vital member of the oceans and seas. Here’s what you need to know about the grave threats facing coral reefs. If we don’t act soon, we may destroy these beautiful pieces of the earth. What Exactly Is Coral? We realize that the majority of our readers know what coral is but for those of you that don’t or need a refresher… Corals are relatives of the sea anemone. They are all made