BioTek Marine Frag Tags and Photo Boxes Released

We are pleased to announce the release of 2 new products from BioTek Marine. First on the docket, are the Frag Tags. Frag Tags Frag Tags come in 2 different sizes and they are available in black or white. Both sizes are sequentially numbered in packs of 25. The tags simply slide around the stem of various brands of frag plugs and disks. The larger are better suited to use with larger corals so you can see the tag from the top down. The tags are laser cut and easy to read even if they become covered with Coraline algae. Unlike similar products, BioTek Marine Frag Tags slide over the frag plug stem and won’t drift away in the aquarium current. Both sizes are retailing for $12.00 per pack and

Another Option for an AEFW Dip

For many years I used Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer as a dip to kill AEFW on SPS frags. Bayer is a garden insecticide and it will not only kill AEFW, but Red Bugs as well. But here is the thing, Bayer is hazardous to humans and, thus, you must be extremely careful when using the product as a dip. To be on the safe side it is a good idea to use latex gloves, a mask and protective eye wear. Another downside to using Bayer is that the liquid is milky white. This makes it extremely difficult to spot any AEFW that may fall off a frag during the dipping process. Fortunately, other options besides Bayer exist. One is potassium chloride. If you own a water

DNA to ID public aquarium corals

In the past 30 years, marine heatwaves are estimated to have increased by more than 50%. Ocean temperatures are predicted to increase by 1 – 4° C by 2100. These changes cause the loss of marine habitats and species and change the structure of...

Reef Beef Episode 31 – Go Fluc Yourself

Reef Beef - Episode 31 - Go Fluc Yourself In this episode we talk about our time off, MACNA and the proceeding discussions, and using Fluconazole. Thank you to our sponsors: PolypLab And The Veterans, Military, and Civil Service Discount program is now Open to Healthcare Workers. - Their loyalty program includes 5% Back via Reward points and Freebies Links: Marine Breeding Initiative : MACNA 2021 Videos: Rich on Melev’s show: Get notified of new episodes by receiving an email from Reef Beef! Buy Reef Beef a Beer! Become a Member: Time Stamps 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:36 How is Ben? 00:07:44 How is Rich? 00:14:43 SPONSOR: PolypLab 00:18:35 Ben buys Rich corals 00:20:46 Rich’s Nitrates 00:21:50 MACNA 2021 00:23:12 Dr. Andy Rhyne & Forums 00:27:56 SPONSOR: 00:31:54 Rich on Melev’s show 00:47:00 Support Reef Beef 00:47:55 Difficulty in setting up a reef tank 00:54:53 Fluconazole 01:06:23 Wrap Up 01:06:54 Bloopers
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