A Few More Major Changes In LPS Taxonomy

Over the past decade, researchers investigating the genetics of coral evolution came to a startling conclusion—the traditional classification used for stony corals, based on skeletal morphology, was horribly (almost comedically)...

Ultra Cynarina

Cynarina is a genus of stony coral in the family Lobophylliidae. It is a monotypic species which means that the only species in the genus is Cynarina lacrymalis. Sometimes reaching up to 6” for a single polyp, these corals are very fleshy in appearance and often referred to as the Cat’s Eye, Tooth Coral, Doughnut Coral or Meat Coral.  The coral is found in the Western Indo-Pacific Ocean and ranges in many different color forms from pastel to vivid and translucent.  The coloration in the Cynarina coral pictured above is both beautiful and very unusual and therefore classified as an “Ultra” coral.  This coral was just featured in a newsletter from livestock wholesaler, Eye Catching Corals. Aquarium Care Cynarina corals are not considered to
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