Keeping the Reef Aquarium Quiet

Affiliate Links to the Products Discussed: Vibration Pads for equipment out of the water ( OXO silicone dryer mat for equipment under the water ( Silicone Tubing to isolate pump vibration from pipes ( Skimmer intake silencer ( Hanging shelf for external pump to isolate vibration ( Sound Panels: Sound absorbing panels in the room ( DIY Sound Panel Parts: Owens Corning 703 ( Roxul Safe & Sound ( Guilford of Maine Fabric ( #tidalgardens #coral #reeftank Photo/Video: Canon C200 Canon 5Ds R - Canon 100mm Macro - Canon 100mm IS Macro L - Canon EF MP-E 65mm f/2.8 macro - Camera Stabilization: Freefly Movi Phone Stabilizer - Freefly Movi Pro Stabilizer - Edelkrone SliderONE - Edelkrone HeadONE - Audio: Shure SM7B - Sennheiser 416 - Sennheiser AVX Lavalier - Focusrite Scarlet 18i8 - Cloudlifter CL-1 - Copyright Information: This video was shot and edited by Tidal Gardens. Tidal Gardens owns all intellectual property rights to this content.

Coastal Collecting Log: Skimming off the top

For an avid fish collector with a young child and no boat, life can sometimes be frustrating. I am limited to a small number of access points like public beaches and fishing piers, and once I’m there, getting to where the real treasures are can be...

Reef Kids: Backyard Beach

Spring will be arriving soon, and with it, lots of time spent outside. The most family-friendly yards have spaces for relaxation and entertaining, some beautiful things to look at, and (especially if you have little ones) an exciting, interesting place to...
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