Reef Kids: Seashell Candles

For those of us here in North America, summer (and the lovely, warm weather that accompanies it) is still quite a ways away. Candles bring a little warmth and light into our winter homes, and these easy do-it-yourself shell candles are a great way to use those...

Aquarium Tips: Wire Management

For this video, we are tackling one of the most important aspect of our hobby that doesn’t involve any animals but very important aspect nonetheless. Proper wire management. We got together with Carlos Machin of C&C Aquarium and Vincente Reich of Illusions...

Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Review – A Year Later

It has been nearly a year since I reviewed my Royal Exclusiv Dreambox and I wanted to provide an updated review to pass along some new insights and observations.  I had been using my Dreambox for about a month and a half when I did the first review so at that point my system was brand new. As a reminder, the sump is 74 US gallons and measures 59″L x 23-1/2″W x 13-3/4″T. Along with the sump I purchased a Bubble King Double Cone 250 skimmer, which included a RD3 Speedy pump, two Red Dragon 3 Speedy return pumps and two Royal Exclusiv Media Reactors, one with a 2L capacity and the other with a 5L capacity. My overall impression of the sump has not changed. You get what you

Reef Tank Chillers: Are You Chillin?

There are a lot of variables that can impact the health of a reef tank and temperature is something that should be watched carefully during the warm summer months. A chiller is the best way to keep things cool but they are high ticket items. Budget conscious reef keepers do have options such as using a fan across the top of the tank to promote evaporation, which cools the water. This is exactly what I did when I first entered the hobby fresh out of college with minimal coin. The fans certainly worked but I needed more punch and pondered other cheap alternatives. I came up with what I thought was a bright idea at the time…..find an old water cooler and turn it into a
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