TIME Magazine, Baby Dolphin

Good morning gang, I trust you either had a great weekend or your still on an extended weekend because of the 4th, either way be safe out there with all the visiting tourists. I’ve been doing a bit of riding but not as much as I should be, I’m currently helping a friend re-do her bathroom at the moment hanging sheet-rock which seems to be consuming a lot of my time. Good news again, I have a full page dolphin photo in TIME Magazine this month in their Special Edition “The Animal Mind” oh yeah, page 67….. Sorry so short, I have to meet a friend for an early mtb ride, have a wonderful day!!

Free Diving with Bottlenose Dolphins

Hi friends, today is our 16th wedding Anniversary and thought it would be best to post a fun photo of my beloved one doing what she loves best, spending her days with dolphins! Aimee and I have been here in Curacao since 2004, who would have known one little phone call would have led to such an adventure?? As most of you know my woman can hold her breath for a crazy long time and do it over and over, I on the other hand would be lucky if I could hold my breath for a minute!! As you can see from the photo above she’s as comfortable underwater as above and this is most likely why the dolphins love her so much, I mean who want to swim with a frantic snorkeler??  I also apologize for the lack of activity on the blog these past few days but I finally found a man to help me fix and update my website.

Bottlenose Dolphin

Good morning all. Mondays are for sure the hardest day off the week! I’m sitting here trying to remember what I did this weekend and wondering where it went, I think a three day weekend would be way better! After my long dog walk saturday morning I went into work to photograph three swimsuit models for a bikini company who contacted me asking if I could do the underwater shots with dolphins, how could I say no?? So I ended up being in the dolphin pools or under them for quite awhile trying my best to get the photos they wanted, not as easy as you would think. While underwater I was visited countless times by our resident dolphins who always find me and the camera very entertaining, I usually just find a spot to sit so they can come to me and I’m not chasing them around.

Diving with Bottlenose Dolphins

Good morning, Aimee here. I have a fun and wonderful photo of Tela and Serena on our open ocean dive yesterday. I have spent the last several months working on this with them and now we are all enjoying the “fruits of our labor”! Almost every day, before the sea gets too rough, we take them out for their boat following, on the reef just alongside Dolphin Academy. The idea is that every session we travel just a little bit further, getting them used to the area and letting them map out the reef in their memory. It is very similar to how you would explore a new neighborhood you just moved in to.

Snorkeling with Dolphins and New Ikelite Toys

Good morning friends, how was your weekend out there??? Still no rain here and the stupid wind is still blowing like an approaching hurricane, I say, “give us a break already”!! I did a fun dolphin dive with Aimee yesterday she was free-diving while yours truly cheated and had a tank, there’s no way I can my breath as long as she can! Our goal was to try and get some photos of Aimee using the new state of the art, shallow use, underwater housing from our friends at IKELITE. Many times taking anything new in the water with the dolphins means good luck finding the dolphins as they are not big fans of new technology. So as you see here Aimee is training one of them to stop in front of the camera and pose for a photo but not without a little attitude as you can see from all those bubbles coming out of her blowhole, she looks like an erupting volcano.