Ecotech Versa Hands on Review

Little behind-the-scenes story: During the spring of last year, while I was talking to my friends at Ecotech Marine, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were working on a project called Versa.…

Ecotech Marine and Others Shut Down Amid the Coronavirus

Read below to see the official statement that was just announced by Ecotech Marine. As of Thursday (March 19th) evening, the state of Pennsylvania requested the shutdown of all non-essential businesses in the ongoing effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19. In compliance with this mandate, EcoTech production, service, and shipping will be adversely affected. Office staff, including sales and customer service, are still operating remotely, but physical service and product shipments will be delayed. As the situation evolves, we will do our best to keep you updated with any new developments. Best wishes to everyone during this difficult period. -The EcoTech Team AquaNerd will post more information as it relates to other business shutdowns on our Facebook page, including this announcement from Neptune Systems. The