Morays: Four of the Best

Moray eels are endlessly fascinating for divers, especially the folks who enjoy spotting something with a good set of teeth and a reputation as a powerful predator.  For me, they’re always a good animal to photograph, especially if there’s little else...

Goldentail Moray Eel, Gymnothorax Moray

Good morning all, I’m discovered our dog Indi has a serious skin infection this morning and rushed her to the vet. You know it’s bad when your vet says it’s something they have never seen and want to do some skin tests which will take a week to get results. They did give me meds, shampoo, and skin cleaner so I will try hard this week to just keep her inside and nice and cool, the heat for sure is not helping.  I have a super pretty Goldentail Eel for you all today sticking his head out of his hole in the reef watching the fish go by. This is a very light colored version, normally they are much darker with a greenish color but this guy was bright yellow. I found this little eel during the day at Playa Forti and was pretty surprised at how unafraid he was and how much he was just posing for the camera