Tactics to Eliminate Algae from Your Aquarium

In part one of this article, we covered all of the traditional tactics to eliminating algae – water changes, reduced feedings, lighting blackouts, etc. While all of these tactics work well, sometimes you just have to give stubborn algae an extra kick. In this article, we discuss a few more advanced ways to finally get rid of the pesky algae that has been plaguing your tank: Mechanical Filtration (Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Freshwater_Aquarium_Fish_3.jpg) Mechanical filtration is the most basic – and often the first – type of filtration that most people install in their tank. This includes sponges, filter socks, pads, and essentially anything else that physically traps debris and uneaten food. Mechanical

aquavitro Live Phytoplankton Coming Soon

Many of you probably know that Seachem is producer of the aquavitro line of aquarium products that is sold exclusively to brick and mortar retail stores but did you know they just came out with two new phytoplankton supplements for your corals? The two new products are called phytogen and triphytogen and they are both live phytoplankton foods for reef aquariums. There are 2 different versions of each food; Phytogen and Triphytogen. Phytogen is a premium concentrated solution of Nannochloropsis phytoplankton.  It is an exceptional feed for corals, clams, various copepods, and filter feeding animals. Phytogen in the standard concentrated version contains 50-100 million cells per milliliter of fluid.  There is also a super-concentrated formula which contains 0.5-1 billion cells per milliliter. aquavitro phytogen Phytogen (and triphytogen) are cultivated

Nyos Foods Now Available in the US

Nyos protein skimmers, additives, and test kits are distributed through EcoTech Marine in the United States. Today, EcoTech Marine announced they are adding foods to the Nyos lineup. Nyos foods are Certified Organic with no problematic additives. The new foods include: GOLDPODS SWEET ALOE ARTEMIS TRUE ALGAE CHROMYS WILD GOJI INSTANT PLANKTON LPS POWER GOLDPODS GOLDPODS are freshly-caught copepods which are processed using a patent-pending method that preserves the ultra-high nutritional fatty acids and proteins found in Calananus finmarchicus. The copepods are coated with an ultra-thin natural membrane that ensures maximum nutritional value for your fish and/or corals. GOLDPODS are available in 8.5 oz (250 ml) bottles. Refrigeration is not required for this product. SWEET ALOE Aloe has been used in some refrigerated

Featured Coral – Joe’s Signature Confetti Cake Chalice

If you looking for an amazing rainbow chalice then you might want to consider this AquaNerd featured coral of the week for your Christmas wish list.  The Confetti Cake Chalice looks good enough to eat but at $299.00 for 3/4″ – 1″ frag you’re better off watching it grow into a beautiful colony.  The coral features 4 vidid shades of red, royal blue, orange and lime sherbet green. Chalice corals do well in varying conditions of lighting and water flow but most species are commonly placed towards the bottom to middle of the aquarium.  Some of these corals even prefer areas where they are shaded from more intense lighting to combat bleaching while others do better under intense lighting.  For this reason, its best to consult with an
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