Meet the GHL Doser 2.1 Maxi

GHL is at it again with the addition of another new product – the GHL Doser 2.1 Maxi. GHL already has several dosing pump models to choose from but the Maxi differers from the other models by providing some new, innovative features. First of all, the Maxi comes with two brushless stepper motors that are rated to move up to 350ml of liquid per minute.  The increased rate of volume coupled with the more robust motors is perfect for setting up AWC (automatic water changes) and for continuous-use operation. As many of us know, lugging buckets of water around can be both annoying and messy.  With the Maxi standalone doser, manual water changes can be a thing of the past. The Maxi allows you to conveniently schedule

GHL CONNECT App Announced – for GHL Aquarium Devices

Below is a press release from GHL; the company behind the Profilux Controllers, Mitras LED fixtures, KH Director * and Profilux Dosing Pumps. GHL PRESS RELEASE GHL Connect is a powerful, feature-rich app for GHL devices. Starting with ProfiLux 4 support, GHL Connect was developed on an open architecture that allows for future support of other GHL devices such as GHL Doser 2, Mitras LX7 and ProfiLux 3. As we continue app development, support for these other devices will be gradually implemented. Once these devices are supported, GHL Connect will replace previously released apps. From the ground up, we built an app that allows users to easily take control of their GHL devices from the convenience of their smartphones and tablets. From its sleek modern design to its wide

Profilux P4: The New Flagship Controller from GHL

It was recently announced at MACNA 2016 in San Diego that GHL, the makers of the Profilux controller line, dosing pumps and Mitras LED fixtures will be launching a new aquarium controller dubbed the P4. The above photo was taken at MACNA and as you can see, GHL will be offering the P4 in two color choices.  The very attractive P4 controller also offers many upgrades that the current model lacks and Vinny Altamirano from GHL USA was kind enough to put together some details for us (see below).  The P4 controller is expected to launch later this Fall.  Pricing on the controller hasn’t been set yet but GHL should be releasing that information ahead of the anticipated November release date. Profilux P4 Details: Measurement and Control

GHL to Release 3 New Profilux Controllers

GHL with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high end aquarium products has just announced that they will begin shipping 3 new computers for aquariums and terrariums this fall. The three new models are called the Profilux Mini, The Profilux Light and The Profilux Terra.  The new compact aquarium and terrarium controllers, offer important features found in high-end models from the ProfiLux 3 series but at extremely attractive prices.  All models will include 16 independent dimming channels, lighting simulations that include phases of the moon, clouds, storms, rainy days, tropical twilight and much more.  Each controller will also have the capability of connecting to the GHL Mitras LED lights and third-party products with 1-10V or PWM interfaces. Other Functions Include: Control of up to 4 variable current

New Powerbar Added to the ProfiLux Lineup

The crew at GHL has rolled out some new gear for the new year. A few days ago, they unveiled their new Powerbar 5.1, and it looks to add some serious firepower to the already impressive lineup ProfiLux 3 controller accessories. As its name suggests, the new Powerbar sports 5 outlets, all of which are switchable. Of those five, one is is dimmable, a good choice for aquarium lighting, and another is supplied with permanent power, a good option for pumps or lights. The Powerbar is also outfitted with heavy duty relays that help handle the heavy power loads brought on by lights turning on