Hanna Marine Checker Reagent Problem Alert

Hanna Instruments made an announcement that they have an issue with their new Magnesium Checker reagents (HI793) and we would like to make our readers aware of the situation. Hanna has discovered with the help of some customers that their Magnesium Checkers were not...

Hanna Instruments Introduces 2 New Marine Checkers

Hanna has just announced 2 new Marine Checkers for testing marine aquarium water. The new Checkers (electronic water testing devices) are designed to test for Magnesium and Ammonia. For a long time Hanna has been teasing the Magnesium Checker and it’s finally about to hit retail store shelves. Both Checkers are map priced at $59.95 and we expect the see the Magnesium Checker become as widely used like the Alkalinity, Phosphate, Nitrate and Calcium checkers. The Magnesium Checker (HI783) will accurately measure (±5% of reading @ 25 °C (77 °F) Magnesium levels between 1000 and 1800 PPM and the steps are simple and straightforward as show below. Magnesium Testing Guide Features at-a-glance Fewer steps than other chemical tests Color-coded syringes make the magnesium test simple and

Hanna Instruments to Release HI781 Low Range Nitrate Checker

This is exciting news from Hanna Instruments. The very popular Checker line of water testing products is getting a new addition to the lineup and Aqua Nerd expects the new Low Range Nitrate Checker to be one of the most popular Checkers to date. The Low Range Nitrate (NO3) checker will work with marine water (not for use with Freshwater aquariums) and it will accurately test with an accuracy of +/- .25 PPM. Checkers have increased in popularity because of their accuracy, ease of use and overall cost-per-test affordability. The Hanna Checker is colorimeter* which is both accurate and easy to use. And perhaps best of all, it takes the guesswork away from trying to interpret different shades of a color on a titration color

Hanna Instruments to release a new Marine pH Checker

Hanna Instruments is coming out with a very easy and affordable way to check for marine pH. The new Marine pH Checker doesn’t require calibration nor does it require a storage solution or cleaning solution like many handheld devices. The checker promises to achieve precise digital pH results with just a few simple steps. Once available the checker will retail for $49.99. Like the other Hanna checkers, the pH Marine Checker will include a hard protective case that will include enough reagent to accurately test 25 water samples. Replacement reagents will sell for about $15.00 for 100 tests (.15 cents per test). Features at-a-glance: For use with saltwater samples. Easier to use and more accurate than chemical test kits. Dedicated to a single parameter. Hanna expects to