Grooved Brain Coral, Diploria labyrinthiformis

Hi guys, I took the day off yesterday to work on getting our new driftwood Christmas tree set up which is a major all day job. Next week I will be on vacation for a week, I’m staying here and working on a long list of photos that are piling up, like new Ikelite promo shots, sea-glass images, flowers, GoPro stuff, and Christmas photos, lots to do, lets hope we have some nice weather for a change. I have a hard to find colony of Grooved Brain coral, Diploria labyrinthiformis for you all today that I found on the sandy slopes of Klein Curacao.  Diploria labyrinthiformis, known by the common name grooved brain coral, is a species of stony coral in the family Mussidae. Found in tropical areas of the west Atlantic Ocean, it has a familiar, maze-like appearance

Rose Lace Coral, Stylaster roseus

Good morning, we have three submersible dives today, tomorrow and friday so you may or may not be hearing much from me. I have a little, very delicate Rose Lace coral for you all today that I shot in the mouth of a little cave on our Substation house reef. This hydrocoral form small colonies, with up to 7 cm high by 11 cm wide. Displays branches with serrated appearance. The polyps have an appearance of hair as when extended, have branches with serrated .. The cylindrical branches tapering from base to tip

Colorful Brain Coral

Good morning friends, how was the weekend??? Mine went by like a flash as usual and as I sit here now I can barely recall what I did. Yesterday I met three friends at 6:30 in the morning and we rode the Curacao extreme mountain bike race course or at least 30 miles of it. Our ride took around 3 hours and most of it was spent pushing into some of the worst winds I have ever ridden in, talk about zero fun… NEWER POST:

Damaged, Dying Brain Coral Colony, Hard Coral

Good morning friends, most of you divers including myself if I didn’t know any different would look at this photo and say, “it looks like coral bleaching” correct?? Well, it’s not. This is what happens to any type of coral if it falls into sand, the white part is dead and the brown is alive. How do corals fall into the sand you ask??