The Cat is Out of the Bag, Aqua Illumination to Release 6 New LED Lights

Here is what we know so far. We found out about the new lights a few weeks ago and today we are able to share this exciting news to the public.  The AI Hydra 26HD is being replaced with a new model dubbed the Hydra 32HD. The AI Hydra 52HD is being replaced by the new Hydra 64HD. The AI Prime HD is being replaced by the Prime 16HD. Both models have more LEDs, more PAR and more spread over the aquarium. They will also have newly designed optics so you can expect better color blending from the LED diodes. The housing is also taking on a much needed facelift over the previous AI Hydra generations. The Hydra 32HD and 52HD fixtures also promise to be more

AquaIllumination Announces Their Latest, the Hydra FiftyTwo

One of the biggest announcements at this year’s MACNA is the brand spanking new AquaIllumination Hydra FiftyTwo. The AI Hydra FiftyTwo gets its name from the 52 different LEDs spread across four different clusters, which are offered in the same seven color choices seen in the original Hydra. The light will be focused into the tank with the same 80 degree optics, though 50 degree lenses are always there as an option. Where the big difference is between the two Hydra versions is in the number of diodes. Where the original Hydra only had 20 total LEDs (five per cluster), they FiftyTwo ups that number to 13 per cluster. The Hydra FiftyTwo uses Cree diodes, and while there are a lot more total LEDs than the original fixture, this beefier version will only draw around 135 watts. This is due to the fact that the LEDs will be driven at a lower wattage than those in the original Hydra…which all means a lot more color and a lot more power for only a little more wattage

AquaIllumination Sneaks Their New Hydra LED Onto the Aquarium Equipment Marketplace

AI Vega pictured here from MACNA 2011 Over the past few years, AquaIllumination has usually waited until the big trade shows like MACNA to unveil their latest and greatest products and company related news. This year, however, they let the cat slip out of the bag a little early…and what a big cat it is. Instead of making some minor alterations to their current lineup or releasing updates for their AI Controller or Director software, they have an entirely new fixture called the AI Hydra that will be hitting store shelves in a very short time. AquaIllumination has yet to release the information on their new Hydra on their website as of yet, but interestingly, the product showed up on the Salty Supply website with all sorts of those juicy details. Unfortunately, because there hasn’t been an official announcement from AI, we’re left with nothing but digital renderings of the new module…but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it at length. So, what’s the Hydra got to offer? For one, this new module sports seven distinct LED colors that include Cree XT-E Cool White, Osram Oslon Deep Red, Cree XP-E Green, Cree XT-E Royal Blue, Osram Oslon Very Deep Blue, SemiLED 415nm Violet, and Edison Opto 400nm UV. These LEDs are spread across four clusters, each containing five LEDs. The total power consumption is 95w. Comparatively, the AI Vega has around 20 color choices that are strictly made up of Cree and Osram Oslon emitters. The LEDs for the Vega are also spread across four clusters at the same power consumption. Focusing the light from the Hydra into the aquarium are the standard issue 80 degree lenses, though 50 degree lenses are an option for deeper aquaria. The clusters themselves are a tad different from those of the Vega, as they are slightly rotated. We’re not sure what effect, if any, this has on the light output of the Hydra, but it does make distinguishing between it and the Vega a bit easier. With all of these similarities to the Vega, you’re probably asking how the Hydra is different. Well, it all boils down to color choices and channels of control. The Hydra has fewer of both, which is also why it comes in $100 cheaper at  retail price of $399. Obviously this puts it in the same price point as the AI Sol, but we fully expect the Sol prices to drop to some extent. AI hasn’t hinted at a price drop, but we feel it inevitable, even if only slight.
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