MACNA 2022 : Coralvue Hydros Workshop

Before I start, I want to give a huge thanks to Coralvue for inviting me to their workshop. I also want to thank Jeremy Rykiel for the video and Carlos Chacon for the audio. Coralvue had a huge MACNA this year and this video has been in the works ever since the Sunday...

MACNA 2022 – Extremely in-depth walkthrough

For this video we are taking you to the show floor of MACNA 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MACNA conference is one of the best settings for manufacturers as well as a platform for education for many, making this conference one of the MOST anticipated shows around the...

CoralVue Makes Big Move by Switching to In-House Production

An installed HYDROS aquarium automation system by CoralVue. Photo Credit: Manncorp With so many supply chain issues facing just about anything made with a circuit board, CoralVue has decided to move away from outsource manufacturing to in-house manufacturing. By doing so CoralVue will have much greater control of production needs as demand for their Hydro product line increases. The lead times companies are facing right now are unprecedented and devastating to many business across the world and CoralVue is taking aggressive steps to solve these issues. Being unable to get much needed products is why many companies are taking the DIY route and bringing production and manufacturing back to the US. If you ask me, that is a good thing! CEO of CoralVue, David D’Aquin tells
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