Featured Coral of the Week 7/17/17

It’s 7/17/17 and our featured coral of the week is coming to us from Joe Knows Reefs.  This coral that Joey Nichols is working on is a new one that we haven’t seen before.  Joey hasn’t even named it yet and he’s looking for some help naming this stunning acropora species.  If you can think of a name for it please post it below or list it on the Joe Knows Reefs Facebook page. The coral is an Acropora tenuis that was imported from Indonesia.  Joey is holding this coral for a little bit longer and he’s keeping this under and ATI T5 Sunpower 8 bulb fixture with Reefbrite XHO LED strips. Congrats to Joey for finding this gem!

Featured Coral – Joe’s Hieroglyph Chalice

Now that we are back from our break, it’s time to introduce our featured Coral of the Week! This weeks coral, which comes to us from Joe Knows Reefs, is a beautiful Hieroglyph Chalice.  I had the pleasure of stopping by Joey’s place in Charleston, SC two weeks ago and this was one of the corals I purchased while visiting his store. The Hieroglyph Chalice is a Mycedium sp. and like many chalice corals, this coral does not require high light or intense flow in the aquarium.  For the best coloration, we recommend placing this coral in the middle to deepest part of the aquarium with light to moderate water flow.  Mycedium can be recognized by observing the polyps.  These corals always have outward facing polyps that

Featured Coral – Joe’s Signature Confetti Cake Chalice

If you looking for an amazing rainbow chalice then you might want to consider this AquaNerd featured coral of the week for your Christmas wish list.  The Confetti Cake Chalice looks good enough to eat but at $299.00 for 3/4″ – 1″ frag you’re better off watching it grow into a beautiful colony.  The coral features 4 vidid shades of red, royal blue, orange and lime sherbet green. Chalice corals do well in varying conditions of lighting and water flow but most species are commonly placed towards the bottom to middle of the aquarium.  Some of these corals even prefer areas where they are shaded from more intense lighting to combat bleaching while others do better under intense lighting.  For this reason, its best to consult with an

Featured Coral – OG Tie Dye Mushroom

Imported many years ago, now aqua-cultured by many reef enthusiasts, the Tie Dye mushroom coral is actually a corallimorph.  There is a long standing debate that “jawbreaker” and “tie dye” mushrooms are different, but they are the same.  The picture above came to us from Joe Knows Reefs and he currently has 3 different Tie Dye mushrooms for sale.  The mushrooms came from Mark Poletti – a well known enthusiast and reef keeper from California.  Over time these unique mushrooms can develop additional colors, from red to green, yellow and sometimes purple and blue.   Mushrooms corallimorphs are one of the easiest corals to maintain in the reef aquarium however, some prefer lower illumination and slow to moderate water movement.  Considered semi-aggressive in nature, it is

Featured Coral of the Week – GB Avatar Chalice

This weeks featured coral of the week comes to us from our sponsor Joe Knows Reefs. The GB Avatar Chalice looks incredibly similar to a coral I once had that I picked up from Fishy Business in Columbia, SC called the FB Blue Ghost. The blue ghost chalice is a relatively easy chalice to care for and it prefers lower light and low to moderate indirect flow so I think it’s safe to assume Joey’s specimen would prefer the same conditions. At the time of this article writing, Joe Knows Reefs only has 1 of these WYSIWYG corals in stock and at $159.99 the price is right for this fast growing chalice.