Lionfish Hunting at Night

I’ve had the privilege of diving with a huge range of predators, from sharks to cone shells, but time after time, the Lionfishes still impress me, especially at...

Lionfish Spread is a Threat to Reef Fisheries

We’ve known for a while that invasive lionfish species are threatening to disturb the ecological balance of coral reefs across the Tropical Western Atlantic, but what we might not yet understand, according to one researcher, is how they will affect commercial...

Reef Threads Podcast #288

An aerial view of Midway Atoll in June 2007. Photo by Burl Burlingame/Honolulu Star Bulletin, via Associated Press. Borrowed from the NY Times article.

Another week another podcast. This week’s topics include MACNA, hobby books for John Zimmermann, Al Ulrich’s wife, Chicago Field Museum research on coral bleaching, Midway Atoll marine reserve, lionfish, and the new St. Louis public aquarium. Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter at reefthreads.—Gary and Christine

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Papahanaumokuakea Marine Monument
Obama to Create World’s Largest Marine Reserve Off Hawaii, New York Times, Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Lionfish-killing robot
Researchers are building a robotic lionfish exterminator, Sean Buckley, Engadget

St. Louis public aquarium
St. Louis to build 1 million gallon aquarium, Advanced Aquarist, Leonard Ho

Support coral research
Support research by Timothy Swain, Phillip Osborn, Emily Bold, and Luisa Marcelino to understand coral bleaching

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