A visit to Seahorse Savvy

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting one of the world’s premier seahorse aquaculture facilities: Seahorse Savvy, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The visit materialized when I realized that a pilgrimage to my homeland of Long Island would take me within a few...

Microalgae, Why Grow It?

Microalgae. We have all heard of the microscopic organisms that use light to grow. But why should we raise it? In the ocean, microalgae is at the bottom of the food chain. The plankton feed of it, get energy, and give that energy to the fish and crustaceans that eat...

Underwater in Okinawa

Fields of maricultured Acropora in Onna, Okinawa, JapanOkinawa, Japan is known for its great diving and lush coral reefs. Going into it, I didn’t know what to expect with this dive. I’ve heard all sorts of cautionary tales about diving in Okinawa due to its strong currents, but I’ve also heard that the quality of the reefs is practically unmatched. The day of my scheduled dive was rough. It started raining heavily, and that pretty much limited the dive locations that were available for safety reasons. The single dive location would be just off the coast of our hotel in the Manza Beach area of Onna-son. Onna is located in the central part of the island and is where most of the resort hotels are located.
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