MACNA 2017: Easy Reefs

I must admit, Easy Reefs was a surprising (in a good way) discovery at MACNA 2017. The company somehow slipped my attention prior to the show, and I’m glad I lurked at their booth for a good long while, educating myself about this unique manufacturer from...

Product Showcase: Easy Reefs Masstick Fish Food

Marine fish on natural reefs are always in the feed mode, as they hunt down food in the water column or pick for food on live rock as they swim in and around the reef. Many fish in a captive reef tank will typically not do this, as they consume most of their food in concentrated amounts when the reef keeper feeds the tank. Well, there is one product out there that provides an alternative. Masstick fish food, manufactured by Easy Reefs, is a self-adhesive paste (yes, you read that right) you can stick on the aquarium glass or live rock, allowing fish to constantly pick over time and feed in a more natural manner. The food is sold as a powder and all you have