GHL Introduces Mitras LX 7 High Powered LED Fixtures

The next generation high-powered LX 7 LED has arrived.  The origional design proved to be an effective means of providing aquariums with powerful but energy efficient LED lighting technology and as other brands of lights have advanced so has the Mitras. Built on the LX 6 design the LX 7 offers perfectly matched LEDs the provide the most complete spectrum available in the market today according to Matthias Gross, GHL’s owner and engineer. For a limited time between now and November 13th, 2016 these fixtures will be offered at the introductory price of $699.90 (normal price $749.90).  The Mitras LX7 now comes with power distribution that will allow the user to “borrow” power from one channel to use on another channel.  GHL refers to the as their 
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