The Pantsdropper Mushroom Coral is an Astounding Discosoma

We have been saying this over and over again, but our point keeps getting proven. Mushroom corals are really coming into their own, and with corals like this Pantsdropper Discosoma from Legendary Corals, it’s hard to focus on other coral types. The ‘shrooms are showing up in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and we’ve grown quite fond of the latest the hobby has to offer. The Pantsdropper, which was shared by Legendary on their Reef2Reef page, was hilariously named because its colors are enough to knock your trousers right off. This approach was taken because apparently when the Jawbreaker mushrooms were first gazed upon, the person’s jaw fell right to the floor. For the Pantsdropper, the situation goes like this…”our pants dropped after changing them when we first laid on this phenomenal shroom.” The colors are astounding to say the least, and any mushroom collector would be in heaven if their got their hands on one. Speaking of that, there will only be one of the PD mushrooms available, but Legendary Corals hasn’t put a price tag on it. Instead, they are fielding offers, accepting the highest one after one week’s time. This approach hasn’t sat well with many Reef2Reefers, but that’s just how the market works

WWC Bounce Mushroom Looks Like a Tiny Volcano Gushing Lava

The popularity of mushroom corals is on the rise, and thanks to corals like this, we can certainly see why. There has been an influx of rather brightly colored, fluffy looking mushrooms into the hobby over the last couple of years or so, and hobbyists are falling all over themselves to get them, often paying a premium for the best and brightest of the bunch (no real surprise there). At MACNA last year in Miami, we happened across some of these very shrooms, which had retail prices soaring well over $1000 a pop. Always on the cutting edge of the coral trends, Jason Fox shared these images of his Bounce Mushroom Coral over on Reef2Reef, which was sourced from World Wide Corals…hence the WWC portion of the coral’s name. WWC was the group who had these on display at MACNA 2013, but this particular coral is a standout from those that we came across at the show and even the ones we continue to see online. According to Jason’s post, this frag is the biggest he’s ever sold, tipping the scales at 2″x2″ with huge, orange “plumage”. The price is set at $1450 shipped.

“Super Schroom” Mushroom Coral from Sexy Corals Leaves Us Speechless

Who would have thought that mushroom corals would ascend up the ladder of corals in high demand? After all, they’ve been around forever, are virtually indestructible, reproduce like crazy, and are usually quite boring. Despite that, the hobby still surprises us with individuals like the one pictured above, a “Jawbreaker” variant of the the Discosoma mushroom. While the typical Jawbreaker is orange with hints of red, green and yellow, this super sexy mushroom from Sexy Corals takes it up a few notches with its kaleidoscope of colors. Called the SC Super Schroom, this coral sports orange, green, red, purple, and hints of blue. Besides what we can derive from the image, there is literally zero information on this particular mushroom. We don’t have a price tag (we probably don’t want to know), but we do know that it sold to someone in Texas. Perhaps it’s a fellow reef keeper in my area.

Jawbreaker Mushroom Coral Reportedly Has Four Figure Price Tag

How much would you drop on a mushroom coral? Ten bucks? How about $20? Is fifty bucks pushing the limit? What if I told you there was one out there being sold for a four figure price tag? You heard me right, a mushroom coral in the thousands of dollars. At Reef-A-Palooza this past weekend, one vendor had an absolutely jawdropping mushroom coral on display with a reported price tag of somewhere near $5000. The ultra high end mushroom coral, called the Jawbreaker mushroom, is undoubtedly a keystone piece from the wildly colorful and unique collection from Sexy Corals