Reef Interests NannoFlakes DHA+, Now Available in the US

Several years ago, Reef Interests was the 1st company to introduce Biopellets into the marine aquarium hobby.  They also later were the first and only to introduce the patent pending All-In-One Biopellets.  More recently, they developed a new algae based fish food in Europe called NannoFlakes DHA+.  Now, for the first time this new food is available in the US. I need to point out that one of our other companies, Aqua Specialty is the distributor for Reef interests products for the US and Canadian markets, so full disclosure on that.  We’ve been using NannoFlakes for several months and I can honestly say it is probably  the best algae based flake food I’ve ever used.  Algae loving fish such as Surgeonfish (Tangs), blennies, Rabbitfish (Fox