ORA Introduces Black Neon Dottyback

ORA’s new Black Neon Dottyback is a hybrid of two popular Red Sea species. Selected highlights from ORA’s announcement of a new captive-produced dottyback hybrid: “After our success with the Indigo Dottyback, the first hybrid dottyback available to aquarium hobbyists, we became interested in other dottyback hybridization possibilities.  We noted many similarities between the morphology and behavior of Neon and Springeri Dottybacks so we began our work.  After several attempts to create a harmonious pair we finally saw success.” “This hybrid’s appearance is strikingly similar to [Pseudochromis] dutoiti, which many believe is a subspecies of the Neon dottyback.  Could P. dutoiti be the result of natural hybridization between the Neon Dottyback and the Springeri dottyback?” For the full story, visit the ORA Blog.

CORAL Feature Video: Aaron Belandre’s Pico Reef

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKSXEsejEK4 This 3-gallon (11-L) reef, complete with stony corals and an astonishing array of marine organisms is tracked as it matures and evolves over its three-year life by owner Aaron Belandre, known to members of the Nano-Reef.com forum as El Fab—a bit of a legend in his own time among pico reef enthusiasts. Spoiler alert: Belandre had to move the tank toward the end of the time period, and the results are dismaying to watch. CREDIT: Aaron Belandre | YouTube

Ecoxotic Introduces New EcoPico Plant Nano Aquarium

New EcoPico Planted – Upgraded LEDs specific for the green thumbs Inspired by a few passionate green thumbs, the EcoPico Plant was created specifically for aquarists wanting a clean, modern freshwater planted biotope. No matter what your skill level the EcoPico’s simple and elegant design will compliment any room in your home, turning your planted aquascape into a piece of art. Upgraded to include two of our new 8,000K/6,500K white LED strips, you’ll be ready to keep even the most light-loving plants. Ecoxotic’s new EcoPico Planted Nano LED Aquarium System The EcoPico planted aquarium system includes 6mm glass rimless aquarium, discreet internal filter with pump, beveled glass top with mounting clips, LED lighting arm with 1-12000K white/blue and 2-8000K/6500K LED strips, 3-way splitter and step-by-step instructions. Features include: - 9 watts of LED lighting - Full spectrum: 8000K, 6500K, 12000K & a hint of blue - Modern, clean, artistic design - Delivers 90+ PAR at 6″, 40+ PAR at the bottom SOURCE: Ecoxotic.com Newsletter – 5/29/2013
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