Nyos Foods Now Available in the US

Nyos protein skimmers, additives, and test kits are distributed through EcoTech Marine in the United States. Today, EcoTech Marine announced they are adding foods to the Nyos lineup. Nyos foods are Certified Organic with no problematic additives. The new foods include: GOLDPODS SWEET ALOE ARTEMIS TRUE ALGAE CHROMYS WILD GOJI INSTANT PLANKTON LPS POWER GOLDPODS GOLDPODS are freshly-caught copepods which are processed using a patent-pending method that preserves the ultra-high nutritional fatty acids and proteins found in Calananus finmarchicus. The copepods are coated with an ultra-thin natural membrane that ensures maximum nutritional value for your fish and/or corals. GOLDPODS are available in 8.5 oz (250 ml) bottles. Refrigeration is not required for this product. SWEET ALOE Aloe has been used in some refrigerated


For this video, we met up with Christian and Mathias of NYOS, our friends from Germany. During the first day of MACNA, they received their FDA approval for their line of food! Which meant that we will be starting to seeing them stateside very soon.…