Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!

An intelligent and inquisitive being (it has the largest brain-to-body ratio for any mollusk), the tree octopus explores its arboreal world by both touch and sight. Adaptations its ancestors originally evolved in the three dimensional environment of the sea have been...

Reef Kids: Octopus Counting Game

While it’s true that children are always learning, it can be fun to work on specific skills and subjects from time to time. Counting is a pretty integral skill in our day-to-day lives, and getting your little one engaged with learning their numbers, and what those...

Cephalopod Week is BACK

Cephalopod Week has just kicked off with this new video, featuring Richard Ross, his secret home aquarium/lab, and some great footage and information about breeding octopuses - specifically, octopus chierchiae, the lesser Pacific striped octopus.

Reef Kids: Octopus Dip

Why not add a little cephalopod-y fun to one of the biggest snacking days of the year? One of our favorite dips is so simple to make, and it’s sure to please most anyone – combine 16 oz sour cream, 1 packet of powdered ranch dressing mix, 1 cup shredded...

Caribbean Reef Octopus Hunting at Night

Good morning faithful ones, I have a spectacular Caribbean Reef Octopus crawling over a colony of delicate fire corals in search of something to eat for your viewing pleasure today. Most night dives we usually come across at least one octopus and it’s impossible to ignore them with their crazy colorful bodies that constantly change colors and their ability to crawl up and over anything on the reef, it’s truly cephalopod entertainment at it’s best!! This one here could have cared less about our being there and never missed a beat in his search for food which normally consists of small crabs or shells like Queen conchs or cowries, two of their favorite dinner items. I am still sick with the crud although I am not blowing my nose any more so that’s a major plus…. Have a great day out there, Barry NEWER POST:
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