Footage of False Killer Whales Hunting down a Shark

A drone hobbyist in the waters off the coast of Australia has captured footage of a pod of false killer whales chasing and killing a juvenile shark. As you can see from the video the shark, typically considered to be an apex predator, didn’t stand a chance against the “wolf pack”. [embedded content] When an amateur drone hobbyist in Australia took his remote-controlled aircraft to the skies, he didn’t expect to see anything like this. The video shows a pod of false killer whales, a type of dolphin, chasing down a juvenile shark in crystal clear water. The aerial footage taken off the coast of Cronulla, a Sydney suburb, offers a glimpse into the behavior and feeding behavior of false killer whales. Rarely

A furry/feathered/scaled/slimy Friend for the Holidays

                                                                                Photo: BlairSnow I have finally found a present that I don’t need to reuse, reduce or recycle!  It’s the “in” thing to give as a Christmas present this year and….you can even be a...

Reef Threads Podcast #250

Should we take marine animals from the reefs for our viewing pleasure?

In our 250th podcast, a discussion about marine-fish captive breeding and Orca breeding leads to an exchange about keeping wild animals captive, the current state of our hobby, and how collecting and keeping marine animals fits in the larger animal-treatment arena. Basically, we address some difficult questions. After you’ve listened, share your thoughts here or on the Reef Threads Facebook page.

Download the podcast here, or subscribe to our podcasts at iTunes. Also, follow us on Twitter @reefthreads.—Gary and Christine

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Breeding yellow tangs
Rising Tide Conservation Captive Bred Yellow Tangs

Breeding Orcas
Sea World To Challenge California Ban On Orca Breeding, Francis Yupangco,