Orphek Announces New 24″ Slim Line LED Fixture for Reef and Planted Aquariums

After bringing the Atlantik series one step forward by upgrading it with a new V4 spectrum,  Orphek is now introducing it’s newest 24″ Slim Line lights for both Reef and Planted Aquariums. Two new Slim Line lights with spectrums are now available for both Reef and Planted aquariums.   Orphek claims that their lights “differ from all slims lights offered in the market today because they are built with the same design and quality of the Atlantik series, made of full body acrylic, a rugged aluminum heat sink and thick polished acrylic lens cover” but does differing make them better?   The slim line was designed to works as a supplemental LED light or as the primary light source for smaller aquariums.  The light is compact with a footprint