Reef A Palooza Chicago 2021 – Ozotech

For this video, we met up with our new friends from Ozotech to learn everything about their Ozone generators and about ozone! I noticed that I had some issues with one of my mics (it appeared to be working in the monitor and the headsets) during this show and...

The Benefits of Ozone in Aquariums

Some of the most fascinating aspects of owning and maintaining an aquarium involve the vivid colors and intriguing shapes of the coral, fish and other living organisms that you select. Whether filled with Boseman’s Rainbowfish, German Blue Rams or Flowerhorn Cichlids, you’re going to want to protect the inhabitants of the indoor fish tank that decorates your living space or entertains guests at the restaurant, bar or hotel that you own. You may already know that there are several factors that come into play when sustaining a healthy environment for aquatic plants and other marine life. However, when dealing with your viewing experience and the efficiency of an aquarium system, there is no denying the significant role that water quality plays in the scheme of things. And

Diving into the World of Ozone

For this blog, I got together with a few industry professionals and aquarium gurus to discuss a topic that was on my mind: Ozone. To learn all that I could on the subject, I talked with Boomer William Wing, an expert reef keeper that I hold in high regard;  Raj...

Aquarium Technologies Borrowed from Other Industries

Actinic lighting was developed and used in other industries before reef aquariumsWe marine aquarists use a variety of tools to help keep our tanks healthy by either changing or removing the waste products of the animals we keep. But did you know virtually all of the devices we use were originally designed for other industries? OzoneFor instance, ozone is a naturally forming gas found in our atmosphere that helps protect us from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It was discovered in 1839 by Christian Friedrich Schönbein. Ozone was originally used to purify drinking water and as a health-giving gas. Unfortunately, that health idea produced just the opposite result because the oxidizing effect we can use to purify certain things will also oxidize us, especially our lungs.