Waveline Wavepuck II Water Pump

Waveline recently released their 2nd version of water pump. (Whatever happened to the first one?) To be completely honest, I loved their initial design concept from MACNA 2015. It had a incredibly sleek and low profile design, and when the finished product was...

Gearing Up Was No Minor Challenge for our Marine Aquarium Forebears

The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist – now available in print and eBook formatsThink you’ve got equipment woes? Imagine what it would have been like trying to equip a marine system back at the dawn of marine fishkeeping! Well, hobby pioneer Paul “Paul B” Baldassano doesn’t have to imagine that because he was there to witness it. (Actually, he may have been there when our first human ancestor slithered out of the primordial ooze—we’re looking into it.) To get a sense of the equipment challenges early hobbyists faced, check out this excerpt from the first chapter of Paul’s new book, The Avant-Garde Marine Aquarist: A 60-Year History of Fishkeeping, now available in both electronic and print formats:Equipment limitations Early tanks had other concerns besides parasites, and the majority of those concerns were due to the aquarium hardware at the time. As I said, tanks had metal corners up until the early 60s, which was when all-glass tanks were sold. That led the way for larger tanks to be manufactured. My first all-glass tank was a 40-gallon, which was considered large then

Reef Octopus Sharkman Pumps Announced at MACNA

The CoralVue booth was full of all sorts of goodies at this year’s MACNA. Besides all of the sweet Maxspect and Elos products (some of which we haven’t even gotten to yet), they are showing off a brand new Sharkman controllable powerhead, which will be Reef Octopus’ flagship powerhead. Like many controllable powerheads on the market, the Sharkman produces a strong stream of water flow at a relavitvely low energy consumption. A two-channel controller allows users to modify the flow rates for a pair of pumps, which includes a pulse mode that can create significant wave action. Only one model was on demo at MACNA, which we believe is an 8,000 LPH (approximately 2100 gph) model, but it won’t be the only one available to this new line of controllable pumps. The Sharkman pumps aren’t wholly dissimilar to other powerheads on the market except in two key areas, their controller and their mounting system. The Sharkman Wave Controller is simple and easy to use, providing a digital readout for the selected speed of the pumps and a countdown timer for the food timer function. Both the speed of the pumps and the frequency of the pulse can be independently adjusted to allow for whatever sort of wave action is desired