New From GHL – ProfiLux 4 Power Loss Monitor

More control through power loss monitoring With the GHL Power Cut adapter, you can now trigger emergency backup functions and receive notifications when an outage occurs. This is a feature that many GHL aquarists will be happy to hear about. How it works The ProfiLux Power Cut Adapter continuously monitors the voltage running through your ProfiLux 4 controller. If at anytime the adapter detects a voltage drop or power loss, the ProfiLux will automatically activate a user-defined emergency backup function to keep the essentials running. To get started, you only need a backup power source for your essential equipment (incl. P4 controller) and a GHL Power Cut adapter. Setup Simply connect the power cut monitor to the LIN.MON port on the back of the P4, then

New from GHL, The Mitras Lightbar 2

GHL, the makers of the Profilux aquarium controller, dosing pumps and Mitras LED lights releases the Lightbar 2 with a pre-order special*. GHL’s Ultra-Bright High-Power LED Lightbar 2 is made in Germany and offers many features not included in other LED strip lights, especially when it’s linked to GHL’s Profilux aquarium controller.  The new Lightbar 2 boasts maximum output power with it’s GHL Power Balancing Technology® and super smooth Perfect Dimming Technology®. *Pre-order special – To celebrate this new release, GHL is offering the first 500 customers a 15% discount! Special LED Overheat Protection LEDs are protected by monitoring the operating states of the LED diodes while monitoring the lightbar temperature. The microprocessor-controlled automatic brightness reduction and powerful heat sink promise efficient and safe operation

Vetex Cerebra

hi The new Vertex Cerebra aquarium controller allows you to monitor and control your aquarium with ease from it’s 5.5” touch screen display.  You can finally say goodbye to programing/coding language.  The Vertex Cerebra is an Android based platform which allows you to control lighting, dosing, pumps and much more.  The Cerebra Prima package includes the touch screen controller, a 6 outlet power-bar and an LED status temperature probe and is expandable with its many accessories and options. Vertex decided early in the concept and development phase to make the platform cloud-based using the Android OS.  The open source platform allows for greater control and creativity.  Android OS allows full customization without having to learn time-consuming coding.  Users will be able to browse

GHL to Release 3 New Profilux Controllers

GHL with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high end aquarium products has just announced that they will begin shipping 3 new computers for aquariums and terrariums this fall. The three new models are called the Profilux Mini, The Profilux Light and The Profilux Terra.  The new compact aquarium and terrarium controllers, offer important features found in high-end models from the ProfiLux 3 series but at extremely attractive prices.  All models will include 16 independent dimming channels, lighting simulations that include phases of the moon, clouds, storms, rainy days, tropical twilight and much more.  Each controller will also have the capability of connecting to the GHL Mitras LED lights and third-party products with 1-10V or PWM interfaces. Other Functions Include: Control of up to 4 variable current