New GHL Mitras Seasonal Lighting Simulation Explained

Recently Matthias Gross, owner of GHL posted an example of its new seasonal lighting feature that is now included in the Mitras LX LED Fixtures. The new feature simulates the seasonal course of lighting based on the following aspects: Similar to nature but still practical for artificial biotopes Simple and convenient to operate Flexible and customizable to suit individual needs Seasonal lighting can be combined with other lighting simulations that will run simultaneously such as thunderstorms, rainy days, moon phases, clouds and coral acclimation.  The minimum requirements to achieve these effects requires the following minimum software versions: Profilux 3 N/T (eX) Version 6.27 Mitras LX 6xxx Version 1.10 GHL Control Center Version Mitras LED Fixture Basics: For more details on how Seasonal Simulation works with the Mitras LED

Google Lounge Switzerland Powered by ProfiLux and Mitras Lightbars

The Google Headquarters in Zurich Switzerland is providing it’s employees with a gorgeous relaxation room that includes 5 large aquariums. Matthias Gross, the owner of GHL states, “We are very proud that Google has chosen our products for the illumination and controlling. Obviously Google didn’t want any compromises in regards to quality and security standards.” For the lighting requirements, Google chose to use the high-powered LED Mitras Lightbars on 5 aquariums in it’s relaxation room.  To further increase the automation capabilities of the relaxing atmosphere and cut down on the need for extra maintenance, Google installed the ProfiLux Aquarium Controllers on it’s aquariums.  The Profilux modular system manage tasks and monitor parameters for complete lighting control, pH and temperature control as well as leak detection.  Additionally

Latest Advancements in Aquarium Tech

Innovators and entrepreneurs are always busy finding ways to tweak, streamline and improve existing technologies. And while this kind of progress is most obvious in the world of computers, smart phones and cars, aquariums come with their fair share of gadgets too. If you love to stay up-to-date on the coolest new trends, here’s a look at some of the latest advancements in aquarium tech, from simple but effective gadgets to sophisticated sensors and machines. Mess-Free Feeding Feeding by hand is not hard, but it can be messy, especially if you are feeding your fish on the run and don’t have time to stop to wash the fishy smell off your hands before heading off to work. If this describes your life, you’d