Sphoeroides dorsalis, Deep-Sea Puffer

Hi friends, I have a little two inch Sphoeroides dorsalis for you all today which is super similar to the shallow water bandtail puffer that I have sent you all more than once. Unlike the bandtail this guy is found very deep, it’s smaller and is much more colorful than it’s shallow swimming cousin. The bandtails were also very grumpy and hated to be photographed much like this little treasure who was very uncooperative from the start making this photo super hard to take. This was once again found miles off the coast of St. Eustatius in the Caribbean by the Smithsonian Institution using a deep-sea submersible from Substation Curacao.

Super Tiny Juvenile Canthigaster jamestyleri

Hello again, I have a super tiny quarter inch puffer fish for you all today called a Canthigaster jamestyleri found super deep off the coast of St. Eustatius. These puffers are very similar to the shallow species which I used to post all the time for you called a sharpnose puffer you can use the search box above to check those out and refresh the o’l memory. If disturbed like other puffers, they can inflate themselves into a small balloon which come in handy if your being eaten. Also as an added bonus, the word is underwater from prey species is that they just plain don’t taste that great any ways.