Reliable Marine Aquarium Reference Sources

Crack open any of these great saltwater and reef aquarium resource books and be prepared to learn!“Research the characteristics and care requirements of any fish or invertebrate you plan to keep.”“Studying the fundamentals of saltwater aquarium keeping before setting up your first system is a hallmark of success.” We’ve dispensed advice like this time and time again here at Saltwater Smarts. But knowing that you should do research before buying livestock or attempting new techniques is only half the equation. The other half is knowing which sources you can turn to for reliable, authoritative information. After all, there’s a lot of literature floating around out there and not all of it is equally accurate or trustworthy. So, in today’s post, Caribbean Chris and I would like to begin a list of marine aquarium reference sources that we consider valuable, if not indispensable, to hobbyists who are hungry for reliable, time-tested guidance. Under each listing, we’ll explain why we consider the work so valuable to the hobby.