Focus on Fish – Regal Angelfish

A Regal Angelfish is a striking addition to any reef tank, standing out among other fish as one of the main attractions. They have bright orange/canary yellow bodies with beautiful blue accents and vertical white bars. Regals from the Red Sea and Maldives are more sought after due to their orange/yellow bellies versus those with grayish bellies from Tahiti, the Coral Sea and Indo-Pacific region. A Regal’s beauty is certainly enticing but there are a few risks to consider before purchasing this expensive fish. For starters, they are very difficult to keep and require an established tank over 100 gallons with a lot of live rock to graze on. It is also imperative to find one that is eating. If you order one online, I

A New Subspecies of Angelfish From the Indian Ocean

Aquarists have long recognized the regional color differences inherent in the Regal Angelfish Pygoplites diacanthus. Those from the Indian Ocean have always been held in higher esteem, as their breast coloration is a vibrant yellow in comparison to the drab grey of...