Advanced DIY – Tools needed for DIY Reef Supplements

Reef chemistry is a major part of this hobby and the basic reef water parameters (alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium) are better understood these days.  Nutrition and basic nutrients in the water (nitrates and phosphates) required by the corals are also entering the...

Triton announces new Elementz product line

Triton Elementz, already well established in Europe as a quality provider of aquarium water quality testing and hyper-pure aquarium additives, is continuing to push the boundaries and break new ground with its latest (and greatest) product to date. Known for its Base Elementz line, Triton has come out with a replacement which is called “Core7”. Improving over the earlier product which required diluting and mixing with 9 liters of RO water, this new line has been reformulated with all four components now being in a concentrated liquid form. Triton offers the purest and most contaminant free aquarium additives owing to a production process which analyzes the chemical elements with an ICP-OES machine to ensure that the chemical concentrations are exact. In addition to

Water chemistry 101 – Top water parameters to test for in saltwater tanks

Water chemistry is a complex subject, but it is also an incredibly important one. It governs every factor within your aquarium and is pivotal to the health of the animals living in it. While there are a good deal many other water parameters to bear in mind, we have selected those which we believe to be the most important in saltwater aquariums. This guide will highlight those water parameters that we feel saltwater fish keepers should most be aware of. It will also explain how to go about adjusting the levels of these parameters in your tank. pH Fluctuations in pH levels can dramatically affect the health of the fish in your tank. Moreover if you have a reef tank then your occupants are likely to