SPS Deep Dive: Tyree Icefire Echinata

The Tyree Icefire Echinata is a definite looker with its bright blue tips and creamy white branches. I typically fall for solid, brightly colored corals but the Icefire is certainly an eye catcher with its vivid contrasting color combo. A classic SPS coral, this piece was highly sought after when it first came out many years ago but it is still a must have Acropora today for many SPS collectors. It does best in the top-half of a tank under medium to high lighting and a good amount of flow. My colony is doing really well under a 400W Radium bulb about half way down the tank. Echinatas can be on the delicate side so I would only recommend adding it to an established tank with

Can We Reef on a Budget?

As a passionate hobbyist and social media addict, I browse and stalk facebook groups constantly, searching for new information and reading up on the latest trends. I also attend most of the major shows and in U.S.,…
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